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United Kingdom - January 12th, 2007: It seems that more and more female masturbation not only becoming a common and non-taboo subject, but also a trend or something fashionable in the media in general.

Today, masturbation can be seen in the movies, on the internet, in TV masturbation-themed programs and masturbation toys are even sold over the counter in some countries. Channel 4, one of the most popular TV channels in the UK is taking the next step with a show having a completely non-elusive title such as Masturbation For Girls.

The reality show will feature nothing less than a so called masturbation coach who will try to teach three girls all the tricks available to reach orgasm. Both the masturbation tricks and the improving girls’ will be shown live to the camera. The announcement of the show is already creating controversy, as some people are not amused by the idea of having a program showing masturbation lessons on television, as usually happens with such content.


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