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By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Masturbation is harmless as far as most people concern. Hey you out there, did you know that therein manners lies manners within the act of masturbation? Far from referring to personal preference of both genders, since accordingly to the anatomical functioning of each system, the quest for ultimate sex-pleasure would really boil down to sexual discrepancies. The bottom line is, at least for those who couldn’t care less, or just got a hint about, meant circle jerk masturbation-wise and without hardcore-music trend, nothing too absurd however.

So then? Do you know what it comes down to? As it happens with circle jerk mean just group masturbation for the sake of it. Every time we talk about masturbation we would figure out the existence of a black side of masturbation on just as many people’s minds out there, along with all its monkey-business. Even more so since those who think likewise about this issue would as well conceive masturbation as something to be done in private, in hide, somewhere safe and sound. So far so good, as safe and sound a place goes I must convey on given that no one is obliged to see, listen or learn of what you’re doing for the sake of your own sexual satisfaction, so natural in any human being.  Let alone yourself in need of an audience, or would you? Well then, herein this article’s main goal lies, which refers to just that those folks who entitled themselves to achieve further insight so much so as relish in diversified as outlandish a manner of masturbation. The so-called circle jerk, well-known practice masturbation-wise healthy, amongst straight boys, those who already got some extra rate of competitiveness within their friendship sphere, knowingly- so beforehand that there would be no messing about on neither anal penetration and oral sex, would end up by coming to accept it gracefully, even so because the telltale traits of this plotline were just, their penises and the their hands.

For those youngsters just on the verge of getting their breakthrough towards overall sexual activity, who are bound to streaks of anxiety built up when pulling out their first sexual relation draws near, this practice means a lot if undergone (between two or grupal), given its importance as rehearsal framework towards sexual string ups in coming future, no matter if homosexual or heterosexual.

Actually sounds pretty weird to talk about rehearsal meaning sexual intercourse otherwise, as all concerning sex entails apprentice, some could be learnt out of each new relationship, and we might as well seek self-acknowledgement for ourselves. There isn’t day goes by that we would look just the same, and for all that, just take a good look at yourself so as to perceive what takes place in our body, within our reactions, feelings and desires, as well as our partners’. Within each intimate relationship, there could be good times, not much so sometimes, also marvelous out of the blue a day, so far, this is the only approach to grow wise and foster personal insight reaching out for what is expected from any given sexual relation. That’s the reason for coming up with rehearsal and apprentice as it were.

As for rehearsal regarding teens’, I’ve been meaning to say “natural” rehearsal, which must ensue as a streak of sheer curiosity or keen willingness whereas mandatory scope is never to prevail (striking most likely upon the boyhood sphere). A cornerstone requisite for one that gets all done in an unhurriedly manner, as healthy, should none of the participants feel the slightest hint of embarrassment ever likely to render themselves ashamed or unwillingly to carry on.

The so-practice of circle jerk once regarded as a competition, that is, straight boys used to get together in some elusive location not to be bothered much and would play along such competitive game, to instances few, the last to cum would have to pay a penalty-fare ( such prank would diversify enormously).

Today however, circle jerk has taken up shape, in other words, turned into a get together for manual stimulation purposes only, a fling in grupal masturbation regarded as unusual as a  mode of pleasure heightening. Thus groups are put together by straight, gay and bisexual youth alike indistinctively; all the more since the reference point lies in masturbating.  Hence the clarity needed in its practice as not recommendable for loving affairs, nor financial matters (in the way of I’d rather pay you to do it for me), unless previously made request and the other so-accepts it, despite all being made up beforehand, and as long as penetration remain implausible.  The well-thought off ambiance set up ought to be undertaken in advance, ultimately, such safe and sound stronghold ensured, and ridden by the essentials of its kind tandem kinky-stuff, spiced up smutty things and then sex-flicks, some optional backdrop music, snacks and beverages, for craving binges tamper eventually. And not to mention loads of toilet-tissue and lube, in efforts to avoid any clue getting left behind of what could have taken place in there, mostly, if it gets done in the house of any of the participants. Who most likely gets into it? Well, whoever. Alarmingly, reports pointed out to gender crisscross in that both sexes flashing genitals to one another at the heart’s content. Sure some daring lads might have, as convincingly, managed to drag a bunch of local lasses in for a one off mutual masturbation fling.  In the best of it, such choice make calls for attention as friends might seemingly uncooperative not to let themselves in for masturbating altogether sure out in the open itself carries out the claim for respect. As it so happens, in case friends from the net, who hardly know each other, despite enjoying sharing likely-issues, could in the spur of momentum feeling compelled spring into action thus setting inner-feelings forth and personal urges suppressed into reality thereof.

The most important means broadly knowing how to respect the other and not let guilt-like feelings and /or shame overridden common sense spoiling the act. Perceptively, bore as means of seeking and playing along with self-pleasure, without any harm done whatsoever.


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