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United States - June 07th, 2006: Specialists say that masturbation is not only fun and necessary even when you are engaged in a long term relationship, but it’s also fun when you are actually with your partner.

Different from mutual masturbation, masturbation in company is being pointed as a good alternative to spice up things in bed and also to teach partners how to please each other. It consists in simply getting into bed together and watch. Although embarrassing at first, assisted masturbation may reveal being an extremely arousing activity.

You may get your partner’s help by stimulating other areas, or you can simply observe to learn what is her/his preferred speed, spot or how she/he likes to be stroked. Sexologists also point that this activity it’s a turn-on even when it’s over, as partners (particularly men) may use such vivid memories as fantasy-material when they are actually having fun by themselves. Besides, having sex after watching each other engaging into a heavy masturbation session may be indescribable.


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