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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation In Front Of Webcam Puts 22 Years Old Boy Behind Steel Bars

Arizona, United States - December 12th, 2005: Masturbating in front of webcams using live chats and instant messenger software is becoming more and more common among young people. However, in some cases this activity may lead to illegal and inappropriate consequences.

After a recent case where police discovered a private chat system where adolescents virtually meet after school to watch each other masturbating and sometimes having sexual intercourse, this time the case also involved an accusation of pedophilia.

Jed Daniel Poulsen, 22 years old, was arrested last week in Arizona City, in a type of operation that's becoming routine for some special police officers: pretending to be a minor in order to find out pedophiles. Poulsen had masturbated in front of the webcam and then set up a real-life meeting with a police officer who was pretending to be a 12 years old girl o­n a webchat.


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