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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation In Jail Causes Controversy

United States - January 24th, 2008: Strange cases of inmates being convicted on the state of Florida after being caught masturbating alone in their cells are causing controversy.

Terry Lee Alexander was the first case, as he was convicted of indecent exposure and later sentenced to 60 days. The 20 years old inmate was already facing a 10 year robbery sentence. Only to make the case more remarkable, it was said that during the inmate’s trial, both prosecutor and the female deputy responsible for the complaint (and other seven similar cases) showed the images of him on the monitor, explaining with details his actions on the screen and repeating the screening 8 times during the trial.

People acting against this attitude are worried with the case, since besides masturbation is considered something healthy, an inmate deprived of his right to give himself some pleasure may become aggressive and frustrated, to say the least. In all the cases, inmates were alone in his cells, being the fact that a camera is there to monitor their actions pure coincidental. People are questioning the accusations of self exposure.


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