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Home -> Sexologists opinion -> Masturbation in Marriage - Part 1

By Anne Griza

Marriage, as far as most people concern, ultimately means full on sex life. However, it’s not altogether true. Sexual fulfillment in marriage comes linked to the personal sexual preference of every one, and so masturbation makes part of it all. Unlikely what most people hold dear, masturbation does not work out only for the youth or singles. Most people would rather masturbate even after being married.

The vast majority would not concede that they might give masturbation the time of day along with someone else. Both genders seemingly not to get along with the idea of their partners might require more sex than they could offer.

Yet there are those cases in which both partners get their fair share in masturbation, each respecting one another in their own time. Such still far from current notions in society, though seems the mode of sexuality in store for the future by all means certain. In the shape of things to come equity in sex also lies in bed.

Coming from the presupposed that the couple is not going through any crisis, there is still so much emotional luggage at stake for both partners when one of them gets to masturbate.        

For those into it, urges toward masturbation set forth at random, regardless of any degree of sexual satisfaction found in marriage, in contrast to the degree of guilt-burden from masturbation binges. As for the other, uptight from feeling left up the garden path or even minimized in front of the partner.

In the first case, the bewildering array of nuances within the act of masturbation, albeit for the man, roughly speaking, as means of offloading emotional luggage, as in gearing himself up for less anxiously partner-assisted sex-time, to get back into the swing of things by readjusting his sex pace, sex movements, and so forth.

As for the woman, it stands for a mode of carrying out the claim of self-acknowledgement, of physical wellbeing plus innermost feelings, of being on top of things when it comes to what counts most, sex that is. For both, it’s a moment of reaching out for themselves, to be there for one another, of inducing themselves into a sex induced trance. In the second case, emotions might not be as high, as in the case of inconsistent sexual performance, harboring hard feelings against masturbation fantasies, as if cheating would come after masturbation as the next best option much as others in the same line.

Knowingly being pushed aside by a moment of solitude, it’s extremely awkward and annoying. Most relationships are likely to grow worn out from this kind of motto.

What most folks tend to turn a blind eye is that afterwards marriage/union, someone settles down growing accustomed to the new surroundings. Although unlikely to abdicate old habits altogether, better yet, won’t quit keeping different claims from the partner’s. Thus in the midst of such necessities stick out masturbation, and spending time alone, having pleasure with oneself.

It’s likely to seem as though there is no such need, however, even if kept under wraps, it is there and then, as much for the men as for the women. The pleasure within masturbation is quite something in comparison to sexual intercourse. This one entails a tradeoff of physical, psychological and affective spectrum, whereas masturbation means something done on self-indulgence purposes. Both are highly pleasant, each within its range. It’s humanly nature to feel such urges unlikely to fade away from the union with someone else.


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