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Chicago, United States - November 3rd, 2005: Many districts of the city having problems with people engaging into lewd acts of masturbation - it seems to be a wave of cases of lewd acts in some parts of the US, as police districts are having serious problems with people engaging into mutual masturbation or oral sex in public places such as bathrooms.

Complaints referred to a specific part of the city, the lakefront and the Bird Sanctuary, located at Montrose Ave. leading police forces to conduct aggressive patrols over that area. In 12 days, nothing less than 14 men were arrested for masturbation in public places. Cases include since sole masturbation while watching people passing by, until a case of three men masturbating mutually arrested at 5:30 P.M o­n a Tuesday and two other men engaging into oral sex at 5:25 P.M.

Police officers are reinforcing the patrols to prevent new cases of lewd acts and to protect the neighborhood against such offences.


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