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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation In Public Is Once Again A Police Matter

United States - January 8th, 2007: Masturbation in public has becoming more and more a common subject as free internet access computers become more common in places such as cyber cafes and also libraries.

Recent cases in San Jose are drawing the public’s attention, as the local chief librarian reported arresting at least one person a month by engaging in masturbation acts in front of the computers. Arrested by what it’s called by police as “lewd acts”, those people, generally young males were accessing sexual content on the computers, since the local library don’t have any software or filter to block such content.

The case is that the San Jose library decided to break the general position of libraries when it comes to internet access, so allowing a completely free navigation to all users. However, with the masturbation cases, the computers were placed in a more high-profile area and the ones which are in the teenage and children areas already received porn filters to block indecent content.


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