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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation In Romantic Comedy Causes Embarrassment

United States - September 22th, 2006: The most recent romantic comedy on the big screen across the country is causing embarrassment among some viewers.

Although not being considered a scandalous scene raising several social issues, a scene of the movie You, Me and Dupree is at least raising some eyebrows. The movie, which is a light-hearted comedy, shows a scene where the protagonist is caught watching pornography while engaging in masturbation.

The actor Owen Wilson himself, who plays the lead role in the movie joked about the scene when he said in an interview that the sight of his naked body and the masturbation innuendo may be too much for his mother to watch. He also said that she would probably prefer to watch Cars (the animated in which Wilson voiced the character Lightning McQueen) for the second time. He also declared that it was embarrassing to shoot such a scene, since it’s difficult to simulate masturbation in front of 50 people.


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