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United States - November 11th, 2005: New the NASA project for a manned trip to Mars puts in question sex and masturbation in space - with the perspective of 30 months minimum mission to Mars that would lead 6 to 8 people to stay isolated in space.

NASA is facing questions regarding sexuality o­n the weightlessness. It is proved that sex among astronauts or even sole masturbation between the periods of work in the spaceship would help to avoid boredom and the tension of being in such kind of mission.

On the other hand, it may lead to relationship problems among the other members of the crew, and a possible breakup in such extreme conditions could cause even acts of violence. There's also the danger of sexual harassment in the space, what would expose the whole mission and crew to severe danger.

NASA also will have to face practical issues of sex and masturbation in space, such as the lack of privacy and the weightlessness.


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