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New York, United States - May 15th, 2006: Hoyt became famous on the virtual world last year for having his picture posted on the internet. He was caught on picture by a girl he was stalking in the NY subway, using her camera-equipped cell phone.

Accordingly to her, the man started to look at her in the moment he got into the train. The guy started to rub his crotch and by his reflection in the train window, the 22 years old victim saw him engaging to masturbation, with his penis out of his pants. The case was so curious that Hoyt’s picture soon started to appear in several blogs on the internet and then magazines and newspapers.

Now, we can finally hear some news on this case, as Hoyt has finally decided to speak about the incident. He says that disapproves what the girl did, and such tactics are controversial. In his viewpoint, he’s is the actual victim, being humiliated and exposed to thousands of people on the internet.


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