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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation In The Subway Ends Up Wth Humiliation And Public Exposure

New York, United States - March 10th, 2006: Not even being a pervert is something so easy these days. Recently, a guy who was having fun stalking women and performing masturbation while looking at them in the subway had an unpleasant surprise.

A 22 years old web developer noticed the guy staring constantly at her and starting to masturbate. Quickly, she turned on her cell phone camera and took a picture of the man. Immediately, he zipped up his jeans and got off the train.

After the incident, the girl informed the police and posted the picture on the internet, spreading the news to other sites, the Daily News included. A few days later, other six victims reported to being molested by the same person, later identified as an owner of two health food restaurants. He is now a fugitive from justice, and it was discovered that he already have faced problems in 1994, when cuffed at the same subway station while masturbating.


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