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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation is a prevention for prostate cancer

2.June.2005.- New study confirms masturbation as a prevention for prostate cancer – contrarily to previous researches that suggested that having frequent sexual activity could increase in 40% the risk of developing prostate cancer

A new research points that literally “flushing the ducts out” would avoid the build up of carcinogens in the genital tract, particularly in the gland.

The research focused o­n masturbation, since to scientists accordingly, infections and other different aspects referring to sexual intercourse may interfere in the results. They say that masturbation over five times a week (despite the regular sexual life) since our 20’s can reduce by a third the risk of prostate cancer. With that in mind, if you get caught by your wife someday you may argue that you’re just keep up healthy.




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