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United States - May, 11th 2007: Recent studies revealed that in the last decade, much of the prejudice and myths about masturbation are finally gone.

On the other hand, this is resulting in many myths and prejudice concerning people who DON’T perform masturbation. Particularly adolescents are recurring to q&a websites and even to the doctor’s office to clear out their doubts about not engaging in masturbation at least a couple of times a week. Specialists now are trying to show that masturbation it’s just a matter of desire, and people are free and normal to choose if they want it or not.

Masturbation may relieve the stress and sexual tension that generally build in out body, particularly during adolescence. However, doctors say that if you don’t feel bad about this tension and is able to manage your desires, there’s no obligation in masturbating just because you should. Studies also show that there are many people who used to “store” their sexual energy to spend it in sex instead of “flushing it down”.


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