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United States - January 17th, 2008: Specialists and sexologists are still fighting to debunk one of the more common and erroneous myths about our sexuality.

Researches say that there are still a high number of people (particularly women) who believe that someone who masturbates while being in a steady relationship is indicating problems with her/his partner.

Accordingly with specialists, masturbation during relationship can only be addressed as a problem when it becomes a preference of one of the parties instead of having sex with the partner. However, when this happens, it generally comes accompanied of other severe symptoms of relationship problems. Specialists also stress out that in normal circumstances it’s even healthy for someone to masturbate in a relationship even if fantasizing about someone else. Despite the jealousy that such perspective may cause for partners, some surveys already showed that people who masturbate about other people are less likely to cheat in their relationships. Specialists say that never masturbating when having a partner is equally normal. Masturbation can only be considered a problem if starts interfering in the relationship.


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