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Belgium - December 16th, 2005: A 27 years old man became famous in Belgium by going to the public together with his mother to ask the welfare office to pay for prostitutes.

Accordingly with the laws in Belgium, people who are severely handicapped, such as Jurgen Van Acker, who cannot talk, walk eat or sit are eligible to receive only a masturbation kit with vibrators and pumps from the welfare, in order to satisfy their sexual needs.

However, in extreme cases such as Jurgen's, he is not even able to operate a masturbation device. In the past six years, Jurgen and his mother have been paying for a monthly visit of a prostitute to fulfill Jurgen's erotic dreams. But he wants more, as he says, communicating through his computer, that needs sex at least once a week. His mother cannot pay for many visits; neither can she operate a masturbation device, as it would be embarrassing, disgusting and even illegal. While prostitution is illegal in Belgium, authorities say that there's nothing else they could do.


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