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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Is Normal Behavior Among Toddlers, Even Vhen It's Mutual Between Friends

United States - February 15th, 2006: It seems disturbing an idea that children have sexual “partners” at a very young age, but it’s in fact an important phase of the sexual development of a person.

Specialists say that although parents need to discourage public masturbation and playing doctor, overreacting and scolding it’s highly not recommended, as it may create feelings of shame and guilt when it comes to sex, interfering in a healthy development.

Doctors explain that children are sexual from the very start, playing with toes, tongues and genitals, and sexual curiosity becomes normal especially at the age they start toilet learning. Teaching the actual name of body parts and explaining that masturbation is something that has to be done in private, alone and not in front of other people it’s the best way to promote a good notion of sexual education to your children. Making children to feel good about their bodies it’s essential.


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