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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Is One Of The Most Viewed Topics On Wikipedia

United States - January 08th, 2008: Virtual encyclopedia Wikipedia recently published a list of the most viewed pages at its portal. Surprisingly, many sexual terms are among the most popular pages of the website.

From all sexual terms among the list, masturbation is one of the most popular, losing only to “sex” and “list of sexual positions”. Although the other terms are more obvious (particularly sexual positions), internet experts can’t explain why masturbation is the 29th most popular term in the online encyclopedia.

Generally, people who look for the term “masturbation” on the internet are looking for pictures or videos. Once Wikipedia does not contain any explicit material, the reason people would look for an encyclopedic article about masturbation is still unclear. Some specialists say that people may be looking for new techniques to improve masturbation, or even about masturbation customs for other cultures. On the other hand, specialists are satisfied with people using an encyclopedia to research about sexual terms.


This site does not contain photographic pornography but some content and outside links may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

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