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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Is The Next Fight For American Soldiers

Iraq - June 14th,2006: A new fight is worrying minds of American soldiers who are committed in long tours through the Iraq and other near regions. They are no longer praying for courage to fight their enemies, but in fact courage to face themselves.

Married soldiers are facing problems with abstinence due to long periods of time far from home. Not only infidelity, flirting and prostitution are the enemies, but also masturbation and dirty thoughts.

Soldiers are even using a camouflage box with a kit containing a stack of books, a bible inclusive, to guide them through the roads of fidelity with religion and marriage. Situations are aggravated since the armies in Iraq have more deployed women than any previous war. The proximity of male and female soldiers worry superiors not only because marital problems, but also the efficiency of soldiers on the battlefield. Soldiers are also encouraged not to fight desires through masturbation, to avoid thinking in other women.


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