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Japan.-30.May.2005- Japanese scientists claim that masturbation is vital for menís well-being. Researches show that a man in his 20ís should ejaculate about 24 times a month, combining masturbation with regular sex play, while a man in his 30ís should go for it 10 times a month and o­n his 40ís, aiming for 6 times a month. Not enough masturbation may bring further problems such as enlargement of the prostate.

According to scientists, this would be considered the minimum for a healthy sexual life. Keeping a good and constant sexual routine may stimulate the brain, and since a man uses up about 75 calories each time he masturbates, surprisingly it may help us to balance up levels of caloric daily intake in our diet, as told by Mitsugu Shiga, head doctor Yokohama Yuai Clinic.

On the other hand (no pun intended), he affirms that this is not a question of concentrating all of our energy exclusively o­n masturbation. It should be used just as an aid to enhance our sexual life. Scientists recommend that at least 20% of all ejaculation should come through masturbation.



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