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United States - May 30th, 2007: Recent studies affirm that not abandoning masturbation customs and actually introducing such customs into partner sex it’s essential to maintain a good and healthy long term relationship.

The research shows that it’s still common to find people who believe they “can’t” or “shouldn’t” engage into masturbation when they are having a relationship. On the same degree it’s common to find partners who believe that if their boyfriends or girlfriends are masturbating, they would be dissatisfying as lovers.

However, the same study shows that the more couples introduce masturbation as a recurrent play during sex (both sole masturbation and mutual masturbation), more satisfied they become with their sexual lives. Mutual masturbation it’s pointed as a very low-risk but also very fun form of sex play, that should be viewed not only as foreplay, but as important as intercourse. Women who rely on clitoral masturbation while penetrated by their partners also report having amazing orgasms, while their partners are not less satisfied with the show-and-tell.


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