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United States - December 21th, 2006: Currently, masturbation toys are becoming more and more subject of articles and even ordinary conversations, as they are starting to be seen as a real complement to the relationship and not something only people who are naughty and lonely should use.

However, masturbation toys are still regarded as something that women usually buy, since vibrators and dildos are more common. Many people are not aware that there is a wide variety of masturbation toys for men as well. A research recently published a list with the top 4 men’s favorites.

The Jenna Haze vibrator, which is a masturbation toy cast from the actual body of the famous porn star, with five speed vibrating control. Another important item on the list is the CyberSkin Vibrator, which best feature is to feel real life-like, accordingly with buyers. Next, the Love Clone Thrust Box is recognized as one of the most “real” in their category, and has also a removable vibrator for extra fun.


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