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United States - December 9th, 2005: a study published by the University of California showed surprising and interesting results o­n how distracted and how altered decision making could become when a person is highly aroused by masturbation.

35 students were recruited for this unusual and even funny experiment. None of the students was informed of the real purpose of the study.

They were asked to respond a survey in a laptop computer specially prepared to be used with o­nly o­ne hand, while masturbating with the other. Some of the students were asked to respond the question in a normal and non-aroused state, while the others should answer the questions while masturbating near to reaching the climax.

Based o­n the answers, conclusions show that while highly aroused, people are more likely to feel attracted by things that otherwise will be off-putting, such as a 12 years old girl, an animal or a extremely fat person. Besides, they are more likely to engage in unprotected sex and morally questionable actions that might lead to sexual gratification.


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