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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation May Damage University Plumbing Infrastructure... At Least On A Prank

United States - December 21th, 2005: The prank was set up by a Yale student who posted false notices around the bathrooms of several residential colleges. The fliers read that students will be no longer allowed to masturbate in the shower to avoid pipe bursts.

The o­nes caught damaging the University property by masturbation or other form of sexual self-gratification will be fined $ 50. The notices also explain that the plumbing infrastructure remains un-renovated, and some parts of the pipelines could not handle the passage of semen.

Administrators of the University said the fliers were evidently a prank, although they carry the Yale letterhead and a supposedly signature of the director of Custodial Services. They also said that the o­nly common reason that may cause pipe bursts is freezing during severe winters. A blockage caused by excessive semen o­n the pipes would be impossible. The responsible for the prank is still unknown by both authorities and classmates.


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