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United States - June 2nd, 2006: This May marks once again the celebrations from what is called the masturbation month. Established by sexual educators to promote advice on masturbation as a healthy sexual practice that may enhance sexual life and skills, besides being the only 100% safe sexual practice available, the masturbation month offers many activities. Several websites will be offering special articles, surveys and essays on masturbation, while sex stores and organizations will be featuring special events.

Masturbation is regarded as the most commonly practiced sexual behavior in the whole world (besides being the easiest), but it still suffers with a lot of prejudice and misconceptions throughout different cultures in the whole world. Ignored in some places, forbidden in others, and celebrated by many, masturbation it’s an essential tool for sexual learning, particularly for women, although being considered mental illness in the past. The masturbation month aims to help clearing minds about myths and misconceptions surrounding such practice.


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