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United States - June 23th, 2006: As previously reported, May has been called the masturbation month since 1995, when a famous sex shop from San Francisco called Good Vibrations decided to celebrate this act of self love and self knowledge and trying to debunk the several myths and misconceptions surrounding the subject.

Year by year the celebration is becoming more popular and accepted among the society in general. Good Vibrations owners say that the goals of masturbation month are slowly being achieved.

They believe that sex education in the country is second rate to say the least and that promoting awareness when it comes to debunk the myths and controversy surrounding masturbation is dealing with just the tip of the iceberg. The idea of creating a masturbation month was born in 1995, when President Bill Clinton fired a surgeon for suggesting masturbation to be included on the sex education national syllabus. Events celebrating the masturbation month will happen until the very end of May.


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