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United Kingdom - January 19th, 2007: In the current trend of masturbation movies and TV programs, the movie Rabbit Fever, which tells the story of the most famous masturbation toy, the Rampant Rabbit is drawing a lot of attention.

Producers of the masturbation movie recently got mad with a declaration of Germaine Greer, the feminist pioneer who made a cameo appearance in the movie. She said in a recent article that the masturbation movie it’s a “stinker”, although being odd enough to become a cult in the future.

The writer of the movie declared that Greer’s comments are a betrayal to everyone involved in the production. He says that during the shooting, she seemed to be enthusiastic about the masturbation movie and fantastic on camera, so he can’t understand why the bitching about the movie. Greer also stated that although being allegedly a complete independent production, the masturbation movie features Ann Summers products which were present even at the movie premiere.


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