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Editors - December 14th, 2005: Surprisingly, masturbation is still one of the aspects of sex which accumulates the biggest amount of myths and misconceptions.

Still regarded as something wrong, sinful and embarrassing, masturbation is one of the greatest ways to spend our time, besides being a way to learn about our own reactions.

One of the most efficient methods to verify if something you heard about masturbation it's true or false is asking yourself if such statement would also be true for partner sex. Since your body isn't able to know how you're being stimulated (if by masturbation or sexual intercourse), if something it's not true for sex, it's also not true for masturbation. Forget about myths which say that only kids masturbate, or masturbation is only for males or for losers. Masturbation being bad for your health or your eyesight or also causing acne are also total misconceptions.


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