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United States - April 9th, 2007: Las Vegas is the place where all new gadgets for masturbation and sex toys in general are gathered, at least during the 2007 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Some people claim that this is where sex and technology slip into bed together.

The most praised novelties in the expo are the internet-enabled masturbation toys, particularly the ones brought by the Japanese company Segment. These toys are the promise of masturbation being transformed into a whole new experience, since the masturbation devices would be able to be controlled by a second person. The closest of virtual sex ever achieved.

Boditalk is the name of another big success in the exhibition. It’s a vibrator that starts to work when the person receives a specific call in her cell phone and it vibrates to the rhythm of the ringtone. Other interesting items such as glasses specially created for people who want to watch porn in public, special lubricants, and masturbation toys which promise “sex at 350 rpm” are also available.


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