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By Jonatas Dornelles

Within the scope of sexuality, comes across the female masturbation as thought provoking for both genders. Whereas the male sexual organ is overexposed the female sexual organ seems rather elusive.  Hence, the clitoral arousal is then rendered more subtle and, at times, hard to obtain. As follows some cues on female masturbation goes, whether for their personal use, or alongside their partners.

There might be ways of inducing a woman into getting over regarding her sex hang-ups. One of which is to persuade her into casual masturbation much as ever, meanwhile, try and switch into vaginal penetration by the penis.  A favourable position, in which the man can masturbate while at sex games, is by having her on her back with knees up and wide apart.  He lies alongside her sort of wrapping himself around her, so as to rest his penis about the vaginal opening. In which point gets her vulva well-exposed in that his stroke easily masturbate her while she laid her leg across his hips.

Relived from his weight she can easily rotate her pelvis and therefore enabled the penis to rub on her vaginal walls. What renders rather exciting for both of them.

In inserting fingers while masturbating some women would twist their fingers around as opposed to barely thrust them to and fro. The vagina is prone to this motion so, for certain women perhaps present the best way forward in arousal.

At the same position, she is able to freely play with his penis, getting as far as probing his anus eventually, in case he lets it.

Much as in any given position, she could enhance his pleasure (and hers too), by learning to flex those muscles surrounding the vagina, so as to clasp the penis upon forward and release in the way out.

When asked about sources of pleasure in sexual rapport, their vast majority mentioned, apart from the obvious sources, some pleasant lingering sensation of which they are inducing the penis, as well as the arousal felt when their man’s climax draws near.

If he grows pleased by what is taking place and let it all out instead of asking her whether she cum or not, would enhance his pleasure ten fold and so would hers.  

Throughout living, the modes of indulging pleasure are bound to alter for both genders. Caresses meant the world for women, who masturbate till climax afterwards, also by her tempo slower than his.

Anyhow, what counts is the woman’s awareness of her own physical attributes for the sake of masturbation binge.

Yet means a great deal that she makes her partner aware of what’s more likely to turn her on.

There’s nothing wrong in telling him where she’d rather being touched. Moreover, on average, whenever she goes “like so”, winds up by rendering their sexual rapport a lot less stressful, as open and intimate as enthralling.


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