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United States - September 8th, 2006: The case of Judge Donald Thompson which took several weeks finally has come to an end. Accused to use a penis pump to perform masturbation acts during trials, the judge was found guilty of the four counts for indecent exposure he was been accused. Authorities said that the system worked as expected. The same justice that Thompson abused ended up arresting him.

Donald Thompson will have to face a year in prison and a $10.000 fine for each of the four charges. Although the decision seemed to be easy, jurors deliberated for almost six hours to finally come up with the verdict. During the trial, one of the Thompson’s robes was displayed, to show its pockets had been slit inside, to stick the hands during masturbation. Forensic evidences also show that stains in Thompson’s office were in fact urine and not semen as previously thought. Authorities say that this trial closes an ugly chapter of the history of Oklahoma.


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