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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation On Pre-Adolescent Parents Attitudes And Responses

United States - February 08th, 2006: A study involving parents’ responses about their children masturbatory practices was made by the Department of Sociology; the State University of New York to realize what was going on with the idea of parental counseling regarding early sexual behavior of their children.

1482 parents of three to eleven year-old children were interviewed and questioned about their attitudes, practices and knowledge regarding to this subject. Most of them said that naturally accept the idea of their children engaged in masturbation. A smaller number of parents said that masturbation was just Ok to them. But less than half wanted their children as adolescents to have a positive attitude toward masturbation. The results also pointed to the fact that boys experience masturbation often. As expected, parents with higher levels of education and liberal sexual attitudes were more positive on most attitudinal items about masturbation and reported a higher incidence of such conduct among their children. Another good point to be highlighted is that mothers seemed to be more open-minded to talk about masturbation with their children.


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