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Woodstock, United States - March 17th, 2006: A weird case involving a drive thru, hot coffee and masturbation brought attention upon Woodstock recently. A man simply drove up to a drive thru completely naked in his car, to the astonishment of all the people around.

It was past midnight when the man (whose identity is being protected) ordered a large coffee to a female employee using the drive thru microphone. She reported that as soon as the car pulled up to the window, she noticed that the 38 year old man was alone in the car, alone and masturbating. He handed the money to the girl with his unoccupied left hand while continuing to masturbate with the other.

While counting the money, the employee wrote down the license of the car, calling the police in the next moment. Later when meeting authorities, the man admitted the incident, and said it he didn’t want to offend anyone, it was just a fantasy that he realized “for the thrill”.


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