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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation On The Internet Becomes A Dangerous Trap For Teenagers

Editors - January 9th, 2006: The world of easy access of the internet shows its dark side as teenagers are starting to use broadband connections and easy-to-use web cams to inadvertently and sometimes even unknowingly show their image to a public of over 1.500 people, while they take showers, perform masturbation or even have sex in front of the cameras.

Young internet porn stars are becoming popular, as kids make easy money while their parents are nearby their closed doors. Using simple technologies such as web cams, chat rooms and online payment systems, they are falling into the trap of making money with barely any effort, despite the effort in masturbating anonymously in front of the computer. There are already web sites offering access to 140.000 images of adolescents showing themselves while masturbating and stripping unaware of what happens with their image. For the kids, it's a dangerous world that may lead even to prostitution or unwanted sexual practices in exchange for money proposals.


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