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Singapore – June 12th, 2006: A weird epidemic that was strongly on the news during the late 60’s still affecting some people in places such as Singapore. The condition is in fact a sort of mental disturbance, or even some kind of delusion, in which men become convinced that their penises are shrinking and retracting into their bodies.

Triggered by oriental cultural beliefs that claim masturbation, having sex with prostitutes and nocturnal emissions might disturb the balance of yin and yang in our bodies, causing our penis to shrink and actually retract into our own body.

The supposable disease is never proved to be true, specially attributed to reasons such as masturbation, but it had a great impact on several couples’ lives. Women are less likely to suffer from this condition, although there are cases of women believing their nipples and vaginal labia shrinking. Sometimes the panic is so intense that the men clutches on to his penis.


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