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Japan - October 11th, 2006: A website in Japan has collected some weird stories about masturbation methods that some believe are actually proving that average sex toys are being left behind as old-fashioned apparatus.

When it comes to masturbation, inventiveness is much more important for Japanese people, particularly women. The site collected stories such as one of a girl who usually feels so hot on the beach with all the male eyes observing her body that she swims with her beach board away from the shore and performs masturbation while partly submerged, observing the swimmers.

Another story tells of a girl who worked as a cell phone saleslady, who used her masturbation skills to test and even rate the different models when it comes to the silent ringer. She even reported to feel highly aroused when a handsome customer bought a cell phone she had masturbated with moments earlier. Another girl, 23 years old reported to feel aroused by the snakelike appearance of her vacuum cleaner hose, and feeling compelled to perform masturbation with it.


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