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Last articles on Masturbation related news:
Masturbation related news
United States - January 17th, 2008: Specialists and sexologists are still fighting to debunk one of the more common and erroneous myths about our sexuality. Researches say that there are still a high number of people (particularly women) wh...

Masturbation related news
United Kingdom - January 15th, 2008: Some masturbation devices invented by the industry seem to be a very good idea at first, but when manufacturers put such ideas into practice, the result is not always the expected. A good example is a re...

Masturbation related news
United States - January 10th, 2008: A recent study tried to link sexual customs and preferences to a woman’s ability to reach orgasm. Accordingly with the results, it’s possible for a woman to determine how and when she will be ...

Masturbation related news
United States - January 08th, 2008: Virtual encyclopedia Wikipedia recently published a list of the most viewed pages at its portal. Surprisingly, many sexual terms are among the most popular pages of the website. From all sexual terms among ...

Masturbation related news
United States - December 20th, 2007: Popstar Madonna was recently photographed leaving a hotel while carrying a very unusual and interesting item on a transparent plastic bag. While leaving the Claridges hotel, she was carrying a bag contai...

Masturbation related news
United Kingdom - December 18th, 2007: A recent survey revealed the habits of British women and men when it comes to choosing a place to masturbate. Results are at the same time surprising and interesting. Accordingly to the study, the work to...

Masturbation related news
United Kingdom - December 13th, 2007: An organization called Rabbit Amnesty is drawing attention thanks to a very unusual method of recycling materials. A new legislation in the country requires that electrical and electronic equipment shoul...

Masturbation related news
United States - December 11th, 2007: A manufacturer of masturbation toys promises to release within the next few months a toy that may cause a revolution among the options men find today in the market, when it comes for self pleasure. The t...

Masturbation related news
United Kingdom - December 06th, 2007: A village on the Welsh borders is campaigning to change the name of one street, because thanks to a mistake on the register, the street ended up with a very unusual name. Originally, the street was suppos...

Masturbation related news
Washington, USA - August 29th, 2007: The prohibition of selling masturbation and sex toys may see its end soon, thanks to the efforts of a woman. Sheri Williams is an owner of adult stores in Decatur and Huntsville and she’s appealing t...

Masturbation related news
Michigan, United States - August 17th, 2007: A very unusual case is drawing attention to the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house in Michigan. Recently, an unknown woman just entered the frat house’ living room and started to perform masturbat...

Masturbation related news
United States - June 20th, 2007: During a sex toy workshop occurred recently and organized by a Toronto feminist sex shop, masturbation specialists offered tips and advice on how to better use masturbation toys and other sex gadgets. Aimed bo...

Masturbation related news
United States - June 06th, 2007: A job that is certainly envied by many people is becoming more and more popular, as the demand for sex toys particularly on the internet rises. Masturbation devices, porn movies and other sex toys need to be t...

Masturbation related news
United States - May 30th, 2007: Recent studies affirm that not abandoning masturbation customs and actually introducing such customs into partner sex it’s essential to maintain a good and healthy long term relationship. The research s...

Masturbation related news
San Francisco, United States – May 23th, 2007: In the end of May, San Francisco will witness the event that it’s quickly becoming the most celebrated time of the year for masturbation, and also for sexuality in general. The so call...

Masturbation related news
United States - May, 11th 2007: Recent studies revealed that in the last decade, much of the prejudice and myths about masturbation are finally gone. On the other hand, this is resulting in many myths and prejudice concerning people who DON&r...

Masturbation related news
United States - May 07th, 2007: American Idol is already a very controversial TV program, now setting to become even more bizarre with the recent case of Mario Vazquez and the masturbation sue. Vazquez was a contestant of the American Idol co...

Masturbation related news
United States - May 04th, 2007: Another case of sexual crime involving masturbation is drawing attention of people in the country. A 26 years old teacher in Fort Ann allowed and encouraged students of his class to perform masturbation in front...

Masturbation related news
United States - April 30th, 2007: Specialists say that many women feel afraid of their long-term partners preferring masturbation over having sex with them. They say that in some cases, the problem may be that husbands actually prefer to fanta...

Masturbation related news
United States - April 27th, 2007: It’s no news that masturbation may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, since many researches around the world already confirmed the fact. However, the theory that becomes more and more supported by scie...

Masturbation related news
United States - April 27th, 2007: A masturbation toy called “The Cone” is being praised by several websites and magazines as one of the best devices for self-stimulation in the recent years. Some people claim that it can steal the...

Masturbation related news
United States - April 16th, 2007: Once again the prejudice against the use of masturbation devices and other sex toys is causing controversy in an American city. Supervisors from Sacramento County just approved a ban on the sale of any sex to...

Masturbation related news
United States - January 22th, 2008: An interesting research has just confirmed the obvious. Masturbation is not as good as sex. What basically anyone who had sex at some point of their lives (and even some who never did) is able to say now acqui...

Masturbation related news
United States - April 11th, 2007: A research showed that some women actually believe that masturbation toys may be more efficient “partners” for sexual stimulation than men. What may sound scary to men has an explanation: they see...

Masturbation related news
Sweden - April 11th, 2007: A Swedish company called Lelo, designer of masturbation toys decided to redesign the common masturbation toys to give them a more appealing look. This is a new company’s strategy especially for Valentine&rsquo...

Masturbation related news
United States - April 9th, 2007: More and more specialists are concerned with the use of a substance called phtalates in masturbation toys such as dildos, vibrators and artificial vaginas. Researchers are worried with the possibility that ph...

Masturbation related news
United States - April 9th, 2007: Las Vegas is the place where all new gadgets for masturbation and sex toys in general are gathered, at least during the 2007 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Some people claim that this is where sex and technology...

Masturbation related news
United Kigdom - April 04th, 2007: A man created a website on the internet to explain his techniques on how to “make love” with cars, what’s drawing the attention to some unusual masturbation techniques. Using masturbation wi...

Masturbation related news
United States - April 04th, 2007: Recent studies published by the University of Vermont show that men usually fantasize more during masturbation. More specifically, men also fantasize more about other people than their parents during masturbat...

Masturbation related news
Israel - January 29th, 2007: A funny yet interesting case involving masturbation toys happened recently with a renowned local sexologist. Shelly Pasternak parked her car in one street in Tel Aviv and returned some time later, only to discover...

Masturbation related news
United States - January 26th, 2007: Masturbation is always pointed as completely necessary even if you are married or having a long-term relationship, with a very sexually active partner. Indeed, masturbation is really necessary and it&rsqu...

Masturbation related news
Canada - January 24th, 2007: Motivated by a recent study which tried to evaluate the importance that people with spinal cord injuries give to sex, the British Columbia Institute of Technology started to develop masturbation devices and special ...

Masturbation related news
United States - January 24th, 2007: More and more it seems that masturbation and sex toys are becoming common ground in court, whether as a means of evidence, or sometimes being the main topic of the case. This time it was a case in Pittsbur...

Masturbation related news
Iran - January 22th, 2007: Iranian supreme leader Sayyid Al Khameini, which is the most important political and religious figure in the country, has recently posted a message in his website talking about masturbation. He was asked in the same...

Masturbation related news
United States - January 22th, 2007: The Ig Nobel prize is a parody of the famous Nobel prize, where the most unusual, weird or bizarre scientific researches are awarded. In the Ig Nobel prize ceremony of this year, at least one research relat...

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