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United States - May 22th, 2006: Journalist Veronica Harried, from Sex out loud recently wrote an article on Wisconsin-Madison University website talking about the importance of masturbation for both men and women, and how the subject should be openly discussed by everyone.

She says that as a member of Sex Out Loud, she is constantly asked about several sexual issues, such as how to last longer in sex, how to find her hidden spots or how to have a great orgasm. She believes that the word masturbation is the answer for all sexual questions. Masturbation gives people complete control over their sexuality and in being comfortable with our body.

She also stresses out the importance of masturbation for women, as they usually are taught that masturbation means wrong, being something that only boys do. In fact, it only increases the chances of orgasm with a partner. For men, it is good to teach them what may give them goose bumps, how and where.


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