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United Kingdom , March 29th, 2006: A watch advert for Accurist watches that ran in Glamour magazine was banned by the Advertising Standard Authority after a reader’s complaint that considered the ad offensive and degrading to women.

The ad featured a naked woman lying on a chair with one hand placed over her stomach, with fingers running down between her legs. Below, the ad caption said (me time). Authorities and some readers considered that the ad implied masturbation. The Accurist however, denied the accusation, saying the “me time” theme was used to reflect the today’s women’s lives, busy with social activities, family and work.

Although denying the accusation, the company remade the ad, digitally removing the hand of the model to avoid any connection between the hand position and the slogan. Accurist had already received complaints for another ad in 1998, which featured a super thin model wearing a watch and the slogan “put some weight on”. Authorities considered the ad a glamorization of an unhealthy look.


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