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Many stoic religious still perceive masturbation as a sin. It’s curious that terms like “masturbation” or “self gratification” are not described in the Bible at all. There’s no evidence as to when creeds commenced to prohibit its practice. Today, many priests and votaries say that masturbation is against nature; therein lays the objective of sexual intercourse, according to them, in procreation, and not pleasure.

In the past, upon which time when the ovule’s function wasn’t entirely understood (XIX century), the sperm was considered a “homunculi”, a person in miniature. For this reason, male masturbation was taxed as homicide. Other religions, based upon Gnostic influences, differently, think that the body is dirty and not spiritual. Then, they proclaim that, to be more spiritual, the person has to avoid natural sexuality, practicing the celibacy.

There are more radical acts that some religions do to avoid sexual pleasure. Some African Islamic countries and places like the minority Ethiopian Jewish community practice the female genital mutilation, cutting the women’s clitorises. They believe that circumcision makes women clean, and guards girls from sexual frustration by deadening their sexual appetite.

There isn’t a biblical basis for celibacy. According to the Liberated Christians even among priests themselves, there is masturbation. They say that trying to quit is impossible because they will no doubt eventually masturbate in their sleep. They judge that celibacy is physically unnatural and can result in physical problems, especially in men, which can suffer prostate gland infections.

The Catholic Church is still the group that most condemn masturbation. Groups like Protestant sects and Reform Judaism have a more tolerant attitude or the theme is avoided. Some liberal religious institutions promote masturbation as a safe alternative of sex. If o­ne has a religion that considers masturbation or any other sexual activity outside of marriage as a sin, it’s just a matter of personal belief, and the claims that the practice is dangerous have no basis o­n fact.


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