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United States - April 27th, 2007: A masturbation toy called “The Cone” is being praised by several websites and magazines as one of the best devices for self-stimulation in the recent years.

Some people claim that it can steal the place of the famous “Rabbit” as the women’s favorite. However, many reviews point out that the unusual design usually scares some women, as it seems to be uncomfortable, what may interfere is this competition. On the other hand, people who already tried the masturbation toy claim that it should not be judged by its look.

The toy allows several positions and an almost exclusive hands-free masturbation, what’s pointed by many users as one of the best features. With 16 programs varying speed and intensity of stimulation, the toy also has a “magic orgasm button”, which may be pressed at the end of masturbation to somehow “boost” the orgasm. Users also point out that since the toy doesn’t require penetration to be used (as most of the sex toys available), it’s a great option for women who are tired of using the not-so-good old dildo and looking for a different approach in masturbation.


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