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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Toy For Drivers Causes Controversy

United Kingdom - January 15th, 2008: Some masturbation devices invented by the industry seem to be a very good idea at first, but when manufacturers put such ideas into practice, the result is not always the expected.

A good example is a recently launched masturbation toy called Rabbit Travel Vibe. Being released as one of the top news in an Erotica show this year, the toy started to cause controversy as soon as it reached its users beds, or actually, their driver seats.

The Rabbit Travel Vibe is nothing less than a hands free masturbation toy that allow drivers to use it in the car, using a 12 volts plug to be connected to the car’s lighter. The toy is also especially sized to fit in glove departments and accordingly to the manufacturer, is designed for use in cars, trucks, boats and caravans. It’s easy to guess why such toy is causing controversy. Authorities are very worried about the consequences of using a toy able to distract completely the driver, causing life-threatening accidents instead of pleasurable orgasms. Specialists point out that such toy is even more dangerous than DVD players especially designed for cars which already became common.


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