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United States - December 20th, 2007: Popstar Madonna was recently photographed leaving a hotel while carrying a very unusual and interesting item on a transparent plastic bag.

While leaving the Claridges hotel, she was carrying a bag containing a masturbation toy called “the Purple Penetrator”. She was closely followed by her husband, producer Guy Ritchie. Pictures revolved around the internet showing clearly that she was carrying a toy that’s classified as a strap-on dildo, used for women to penetrate men or other women.

Although some people are sure that the case is a personal joke from the singer or even a strategy to keep her name on the spotlights, some others say that the pictures clear up the question of who’s in charge in Madonna’s relationship. Madonna is worldwide famous not only for their music and performances but also for her controversial use of sexual elements along her career, on and off the stages. However, the singer didn’t even comment on the subject of the sex toy in later interviews.


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