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United States - September 25th, 2006: An event called Adult Novelty Expo is presenting the most recent news when it comes to masturbation toys in the industry.

Reviewers are saying that there are few things that may actually be called novelties, however, some things are really drawing the visitors’ attention. The most remarkable masturbation toy presented on the exposition is probably a new kind of music driven toy, which can be connected to an iPod and vibrates accordingly with any music played by the device. Differently from previous toys activated by music, this new model vibrates depending on the speed and rhythm.

New eatable lipstick and lotions are also drawing attentions on the exhibition, as well as a wand-style vibrator with a curved handle, which fits perfect either in the right or left hand. Another innovation is the fact that many masturbation toys producers are presenting toys specially designed for people with disabilities, both men and women.


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