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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Toy Promises To Cause A Revolution On Male Self-Pleasure

United States - December 11th, 2007: A manufacturer of masturbation toys promises to release within the next few months a toy that may cause a revolution among the options men find today in the market, when it comes for self pleasure.

The toy, which is called “The Rubbot”, is designed to be compact, very effective when it comes to pleasure, and also the first real “hands free” male toy in the market.

Producers say that being totally “hands free” is probably the best feature of the toy, since allows men to masturbate in contexts they usually can’t, including evidently, the workplace. There’s no concrete evidence of how the toy will work, but it appears to be a blue rubber ring in which the penis is inserted. Manufacturers say it uses the so called “inch worm concept” to deliver pleasure. More interestingly than the toy itself, is the fact that the manufacturer are recruiting beta testers for the invention through their website. Definitely it’s a good chance to make part of the history of masturbation.


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