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United Kingdom - January 12th, 2007: Female masturbation is still a very fashionable topic today, and now it seems that every type of media is trying to take some advantage of such fashion. It’s now time for the movie industry to give it a try.

The movie in question is being pointed by critics as being whether one of the worst movies of all times or a celebration of women’s sexual freedom. Rabbit Fever is nothing less than the “biography” of the most famous and popular masturbation toy known. The Rampant Rabbit became worldwide famous thanks to a reference in the show Sex and the City, and now reaches its climax (no pun intended) with one that can be the most obvious movie about masturbation so far, competing with titles such as Shortbus and C4.

The masturbation toy movie is already being advertised with the not subtle tagline “can you fell the buzz?”. Not much additional information was released, but the masturbation movie has already an official website online including the download of the “Rabbit Song”.


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