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Canada - September 27th, 2006: A recent research is trying to narrow down the history of masturbation toys through history. More and more scientists are convinced that toys have been constantly used throughout the whole history of mankind, offering valuable information about our sexuality.

The starting point of such research was a recent discovery of a masturbation toy dated from 28.000 years ago. The 20 centimeter artifact was reconstructed from 14 fragments found in a cavern in Germany, and shows distinctively marks that can be penile rings, what shows that in fact it could be used as means of masturbation.

Besides this and other less remarkable findings of the same period, scientists believe that many ancient societies that have phalluses as objects of ritual, art and religion may actually have used that artifacts for actual masturbation. For many societies such as ancient Greeks, masturbation was literally considered a gift from the gods. Such new theories and findings may in the future, show a lot about our sexual history.


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