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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Toys Banned From Sacramento County

United States - April 16th, 2007: Once again the prejudice against the use of masturbation devices and other sex toys is causing controversy in an American city.

Supervisors from Sacramento County just approved a ban on the sale of any sex toys or other masturbation devices near churches, schools and parks. It all started when a store called Cupid’s Love Boutique opened in the region in December. The store which was believed to be just a lingerie store turned out to be a sex shop, selling exotic masturbation toys, condoms and sex DVDs.

Protests against the store by the neighbors resulted in the ban, which from now prohibits the sale of any sex material such as masturbation devices or movies within a thousand feet from public places. The ban also lists places such as bus stops, libraries, and health centers.  However, the case is already causing controversy since some people say the definition of a sex toy or a masturbation device may be issue. Same thing goes for what concerns the external appearance and the advertising campaign of a sex store.


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