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United States - April 26th, 2006: A surprising yet disturbing study published in one of the first academic studies about sex toys shows that there could be a link between masturbation using sex toys, recreational drug use and sexual risky behavior. The study collected answers from people age ranging 18 to 39 living in Seattle.

Results show that in a typical month, 27% of the interviewed had engaged in masturbation while using some kind of sex toy and 13% used some sort of recreational drug to enhance or increase sexual experience. 84% of those used drugs associated with alcohol and 8,2% used ecstasy. It was also found a correlation between these two facts and engagement in non-monogamous relationships and risky sexual behavior. Such fact shows a controversy, since people who use sex toys are supposedly more open and comfortable with their sexuality, enough to better negotiate safer sex behavior. Besides, such people are also supposed to know better the risks of unprotected sex.


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