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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation Toys Containing Phtalates Still Concern Specialists

United States - April 9th, 2007: More and more specialists are concerned with the use of a substance called phtalates in masturbation toys such as dildos, vibrators and artificial vaginas.

Researchers are worried with the possibility that phtalates may bring several long term problems, not to mention the short-term problems they bring to people who are already sensitive to the substance. They can cause burning, itching and uncomfortable irritation when in contact to mucosae such as the vagina or particularly the anus when used for masturbation. However, researches point that there is maybe a link between contact with phtalates and cancer. Although this link is shown only in tests with mice and rats, there may be potential danger to humans as well.

However, most studies to determine the results of phtalate exposure in humans deal with contact with the skin and mouth, and not the highly-absorbent tissues of the genitals or particularly the anus during masturbation. Besides, the material which contains phtalates is also porous, making cleaning after masturbation more difficult and proliferation of pathogenic organisms easier.


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